Temperature & Aux. Inputs

Load Unit

Up to 16 Modules
& 3,200 W

Web Interface

Real-time Data

MT5 System

Expandable to 4 Load Units


Includes IVPC Software
The Daystar MT5 Multi-Tracer
Our Daystar series of Multi-Tracers offer a complete solution for long-term testing of multiple photovoltaic modules. Modules are controlled independently and operated at their peak-power point. I-V curves may be taken at selected intervals, or manually. Average performance and weather data are collected and stored in daily files.

Each MT5 Multi-Tracer system consists of one Control unit and up to four Load units. The total power of the connected modules determines the required size of the Multi-Tracer system. Each Load unit is rated to dissipate up to 3,200 Watts. Connect four load units to one Control unit for up to 12.8 kW of total power dissipation.

MT5 systems are built to user specifications defining the number of module channels, voltage, current and power rating of each module channel.

Control units include 8 auxiliary voltage inputs that can be used to measure irradiance or other data. Control units include 24 thermocouple inputs standard and can be ordered with up to 56 thermocouple inputs.

Email Raydec to discuss your requirements and receive a quote. Standard delivery is usually within 8-12 weeks after receipt of an order. Because Raydec builds Multi-Tracers to customer-specified configurations, we require a 40% deposit.

Raydec has been designing and manufacturing Multi-Tracers since 1993. Our Multi-Tracer systems are used by national laboratories and major PV companies in countries around the world.

Download Brochure and User Manual.
  • Reliable, accurate, durable.
  • Independent PV module control, Peak-Power Tracking.
  • Peak-power control of up to 16 PV modules per Load unit.
  • Accurate I-V curve measurements at user-selected intervals.
  • Voltage, current, irradiance and temperature values averaged and saved for each module.
  • Eight auxiliary analog voltage inputs on the Control unit.
  • 24 thermocouples inputs, expandable to 56 inputs, on the Control unit
  • Network device with on-board data storage.
  • Web browser interface and setup.
  • Use FTP client software to collect data files.
  • On-board data storage; no dedicated computer required.
  • 4-wire voltage measurements eliminates errors from long wire runs.
  • Measure modules with positive, negative, or floating ground.
  • IVPC software provided for IV curve performance analysis.
  • Mating connectors for thermocouple, auxiliary, and PV module inputs, are provided.


Number of Load connections
Number of Aux.Analog Inputs
Aux. Analog Input Range
+/- 5 Volts DC
Number of Thermocouple Inputs
24 standard; up to 56 may be ordered
Ambient Operating Temperature
0-50 deg C
Line Power Requirement
90-264 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 40 W
17.5” (445 mm) , [19” (483 mm) w/mounting ears]
8.75” (222 mm) [5 rack U]
10.625” (270 mm) , [12.125” (308 mm) w/handles]
15 lbs (6.8 kg)

3,200 W Load Unit

Number of Module Channels
1-16 per Load Unit
Max. Voltage
500 Volts DC
Max. Current
20 Amps DC
Module Control
Peak-Power Tracking or Fixed Voltage
IV Curve Time
~2 Sec. per Module
Ambient Operating Temperature
0-50 deg C
Line Power Requirements
90-264 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 200 W
17.5” (445 mm) , [19” (483 mm) w/mounting ears]
14” (356 mm) [8 rack U]
22.625” (575 mm) , [24.125” (613 mm) w/handles]
82 lbs (37.2 kg)
Daystar Multi-Tracer History
Raydec, Inc. designed the first Multi-Tracer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in 1993. We eventually collaborated with Daystar, Inc. to improve the design and offer the Multi-Tracers as a Daystar product.

We continued our relationship with Daystar, Inc continuing to refine and improve the Multi-Tracer through several versions up to the current MT5 systems.

In 2022, Daystar chose to end their 30+ years of successful operation. We are proud to continue to offer the same equipment directly to our customers. The hardware is the same reliable, high quality instrumentation we have strived to produce for decades.

The difference?

We are now selling our products directly to our customers and referring to it as the "Daystar model line" of products.   


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