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Clin Lashway, P.E.

Education and Certification

B.S. Electrical Engineering, New Mexico State University (1984)

Registered Professional Engineer, New Mexico


President, Raydec, Inc. (formerly Lashway Instruments).1988 to present

Research Engineer, Southwest Region Experiment Station
New Mexico State University 1984 to 1988

Research Assistant, Southwest Region Experiment Station
New Mexico State University 1981 to 1984

Technical Experience

Eighteen years experience managing and operating a private engineering firm. 

Over twenty years experience in data acquisition and electronic hardware design, computer modeling, and analysis of photovoltaic power systems.

Experience includes development of electronic hardware with related experience in digital signal processing (DSP), sensors and transducers, and project management.

Specific skills include:

President, Raydec, Inc.

Owns and operates Raydec, Inc., a New Mexico corporation that develops custom electronic equipment and software, produces a line of photovoltaic I-V curve tracers, and provides electronic and computer engineering services.

Mr. Lashway acts as the senior engineer and project manager. He has lead the development of numerous electronic instruments and systems. Some of the more significant designs are:

Research Engineer, SWRES

Designed a microprocessor based PV I-V curve tracer used to measure the output characteristics of photovoltaic solar arrays.

Contributed to the development of large scale PV test methods that have become the standard techniques used by the SWRES in evaluating most large PV systems in the United States.

Was responsible for the test and evaluation of amorphous silicon photovoltaic (PV) modules, development of novel techniques for testing large scale PVsystems, and development of PV system module failure simulation.

Developed a detailed PV module failure simulation that has enabled quantitative analysis of PV system performance with failed modules.

Lead the investigation of a-Si PV technology at the SWRES involving the long term data acquisition and analysis of installed test systems.

Directed the activities of staff and graduate students in SWRES research activities.

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